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Playa Morteros With breath-taking views of a seemingly infinite ocean, and not being accessible by road, Playa Morteros is a true hidden gem. The bay is naturally protected from waves, making it the perfect spot for leisurely kayaking. Due to it being only twenty minutes away from La Caleta, Playa Morteros is the perfect route for beginners. 
Playa Hernandez boasts fine, golden sand and is the perfect place for a cheeky nudist dip. Situated between La Caleta and El Puertito, it takes approximately thirty minutes to travel by kayak and, just like Playa Morteros, it’s secluded and dotted with hidden coves. 
El Puertito Locally known as Turtle Bay, is an oasis nestled amongst busier resorts. With sparkling waters, black volcanic sand, and the chance to swim with friendly sea turtles, it’s worth the hour kayak!