Explore Tenerife by sea! Rent your kayak from €20

Discover La Caleta’s stunning natural habitat, hidden beaches and coves.

A perfect day out to enjoy with your family or friends.

We are a Kayak and paddle-board excursion company, based in the beautiful fishing village of La Caleta, Adeje.

Find the real tenerife

If you’ve booked the boat trips, bobbed on banana boats, and grew bored of touristy style pedalos, then it’s time to take a break from touring and sample the true authentic beauty of Tenerife.

La Caleta

La Caleta Adventures, is an excursion located in the idyllic fishing village of La Caleta, Adeje. We are a professional kayak and paddle board  rental service, offering the best in kayaks and scenic routes. Take a one or two-person kayak on the clear open water and discover hidden beaches and private coves.

Benefits of Kayaking

One of the benefits of kayaking is that it’s a low-impact activity making it suitable for all levels of fitness, ability, and age. If you can swim unaided, then rest assured you can kayak!  What’s more, even the gentlest session will burn tons of calories, making kayaking a great alternative to sweating it out at the gym.

La Caleta is the gateway to Tenerife’s natural beauty

La Caleta Adventures offers you the chance to kayak to three spectacular beaches, from the secluded beach of Playa Morteros to the magical El Puertito, locally known as Turtle Bay thanks to its resident inhabitants.


Prices start at just 20€ for a one-hour rental on a single kayak or €30 for a double. Hire the kayak for as long as you like, with discounts available for each consecutive hour. Find our prices here. Feel free to stop off for a dip in the crystal-clear ocean or to recharge your batteries in one of the secreted coves.

Where your adventure will take you

Begin your journey at picturesque La Caleta. Located on the southern coast of Tenerife, and rubbing shoulders with the glamorous Costa Adeje, this charming fishing village boasts serene, crystal-clear waters, authentic fresh fish restaurants, and a warm, calm climate.

Below are the different kayaking routes available, ranging from twenty minutes, each-way to an hour.

Playa Morteros

With breath-taking views of a seemingly infinite ocean, and not being accessible by road, Playa Morteros is a true hidden gem. The bay is naturally protected from waves, making it the perfect spot for leisurely kayaking. Due to it being only twenty minutes away from La Caleta, Playa Morteros is the perfect route for beginners.

Playa Hernandez

Playa Hernandez boasts fine, white and golden sand and is the perfect place for a cheeky nudist dip. Situated between La Caleta and El Puertito, it takes approximately thirty minutes to travel by kayak and, just like Playa Morteros, it’s secluded and dotted with hidden coves.

El Puertito

El Puertito, locally known as Turtle Bay, is an oasis nestled amongst busier resorts. With sparkling waters, black volcanic sand, and the chance to swim with friendly sea turtles, it’s worth the hour kayak!

Extras, such as wet suits, wet shoes, bags, plus a range of VACWAY packs to ensure your phone doesn’t get wet or lost, are also available to hire. For a full-price list, visit the website.

Waivers must be signed before the kayaks are hired, and life jackets are provided free of charge.

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